5 ways to encourage positive behavior in your dog

5 ways to encourage positive behavior in your dog

It can be an exciting time having a dog but it does take some work. Without proper training of your fur-baby, it will be expected that they will grow into being a rascal who is hard to handle. While we want a puppy to be a puppy, it is important to set some boundaries so he learns what behavior is acceptable and which is not.

Younger dogs learn a lot quicker than older dogs (who have become set in their ways) so encouraging positive behavior from the young age is a must. Training of your puppy is best from day on of them being home. The sooner you start training, the sooner you will find life is a lot easier.

Here’s 5 ways to encourage positive behavior in your dog.

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1. Socialise Your Dog

The best way to stop your dog freaking out when he sees other dogs, is to get him used to meeting other dogs. A good way to do this is at a park where other dogs frequent. Or if you have a friend with a dog, get together on a double date walk. This social interaction helps to burn off excess energy and reduces anxiety when he sees other dogs.

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2. Reward Good Behaviour

The best way to encourage good behavior is to reward your pup when they are being good. By rewarding with a nice treat, they will want to repeat this behavior. Ensure you also make the point to fuss over them when they have been good. By doing this and including treats will help them realise that good behavior is the way to go.

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3. Feed a Nutritious Diet

Just like humans, if your dog is feeling fit and healthy, then they are more likely to act positively. Make sure your pup is being fed a highly nutritious diet and add health supplements if needed. A quality feed can have affect on your pups behavior so, make sure you check what you are feeding them and that they are getting the right nutrients within their diet.

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4. Exercise and Training

A dog that has pent up energy, can have poor behavior including an anxious and aggressive demeanor. Make sure your pup is getting enough exercise and training with toys to keep them in a positive state of mind.  Exercise and training are super important to keep your pup in a positive state of mind. Dogs act up when they get bored and don't have anything to focus them. You need to occupy their mind and body with regular training and walks. 

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5. Encourage Relaxation Time

If you are giving your dog enough exercise, relaxation should come naturally. It is important to teach and allow your pup to relax. Be sure to give them this down time when they are taking it. If your dog has trouble staying calm, then use the treats to also reward relaxation as a positive behavior. Implement a regular schedule so they know when calm time is and this will allow them to understand when its time to be calm.

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