Dog Awareness System - Using The Traffic Light System

Dog Awareness System - Using The Traffic Light System

Did you know about the Traffic light System in place for Australians which is allowing dog owners to walk their dogs safely. 

This Traffic Light System is designed to help prevent accidents from happening by providing a clear signal to communicate to everyone around to what kind of temperament your dog has from a distance. 

So, what do the colours mean?

Orange - No Dogs - Good with people, but not towards other dogs.

Red - Caution - Dog needs space, do NOT approach!

Green - Friendly - Good with kids, adults and other dogs.

Yellow - Nervous - Dog may be unpredictable

The colour Red:

Dog’s wearing red is a STOP! Representation. These dogs are often reactive - this could be to either people or dogs. If you see dog wearing RED, move away immediately - there is point in asking to pet a dog wearing red. This is for your safety, to provide the dog space and for the dogs wellbeing. We have created a CAUTION - DO NOT PET set for these types of dogs - you can find these on our website should you need these for your dogs.

The colours Yellow or Orange:

These colours are to provide warning. There are two representations with these colours:

Yellow is a sign the dog is nervous and will need space. Some yellow warning products will identify who and what they are nervous about. We have dog bandanas and leash wraps available in yellow on our website that identify the dog as NO DOGS - I LIKE PEOPLE! 

Orange: This colour is a sign to people that the dog does not like other dogs. You should still seek permission prior to going to interact with a dog wearing this colour. 


This is a sign that the dog is friendly and approachable however, it is still always best to ask the owner if you would like to approach the dog. 

If you feel your dog will benefit from the traffic light system, we are in the process of adding these products to our website. Comment below what colour you feel best represents your dog?

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