Essential Dog Travel Accessories for Pet Owners!

Essential Dog Travel Accessories for Pet Owners!

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Here's our top 6 items we recommend keeping in a backpack or carry-on to make traveling with a dog easier and safer.


  1. A Car Seat-Belt Restraint
  2. A Leash
  3. A Poo Bag Holder
  4. A Dog Water Bottle
  5. A Dog Bowl and or Lick Mat
  6. Some Dog Toys

 car restraint dog seat belt travel

Car Seat Belt Restraint

Dog seat belts are intended to help to prevent driver distraction. With dog distractions, we tend to take our eyes off the road, and this can lead to serious accident and injury. Dog seat belts keep your pup in place, minimizing distraction so you can focus on the drive.

Combining one of our dog seat belts along with a dog harness will provide the ultimate dog safety and more fun car rides for you and your pup.

Some dogs may find a car seat belt restricting at first so we suggest small introductory trips to begin with along with plenty of treats and praise.

Dog Leash 

A leash is a necessary travel accessory for dogs; it ensures your dog is kept under control when out and about or stopping at auto rest strops.

A dog leash of 6' (182cm) is generally used and known as a travel leash but really any size leash that works for you and keeps your dog under control is perfect. Most leashes these days are standard 120cm - 135cm.


Dog Poop Bag Holders and dispensers

Make that yucky task of picking up dog poo's easy with these great poo bag dispensers and holder.

The best thing with a Poop bag holder and dispenser is how simple they can clip onto any attachments, lead, belt buckle, handbag.

How do you carry dog poop when on long walks?

Take a plastic bag from the poop bag dispenser, pick up the poop with it, tie the bag off and thread it through the carry hole of the Poop Bag Holder attached to your leash. You won’t have to carry the poo and can dispose of it at the next bin site.

Dog Water bottle hydration pet travel bottle EASY TO USE push button design

Dog Water Bottles

Having fresh water for available while you travel is essential to your pet’s health.

So, just how much water do they require? As much as they consume normally during the day at home.

A dog water bottle is perfect for travelling as they only dispense only a shallow amount of water into the drinking dish at once. They also have a storage compartment that can be refilled with water so all you would pay for is the re-useable bottle.


Dog Bowl and Lick Mat

Lick mats are the perfect travel accessory: they are flat, easy to transport, textured mat you can spread with a soft treat, like meat or wet food, for your pet to enjoy. (See our previous blog on lick mat food ideas).

A great way for keeping them entertained and calm on long road trips. The suction caps work best for the big dogs as you can stick to the car window.



Dog Toys

Pet entertainment doesn't have to be anything extravagant when travelling. Most dogs love car rides and will nod off and nap during a trip however, some probably tend to get a little restless.

The best way to keep your pets calm and entertained on a trip is through familiar smells and distractions.

This includes dog toys such as their favourite chew toy, stuffed toy, or dog blanket.

It’s always a great idea to bring a ball or Frisby for those pooches who love to fetch. This is a great way to tucker them out on stops along the way.

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