Pet Adoption and how you can show your support

Pet Adoption and how you can show your support

Pet adoption and how you can show your support Styled Up Pup Pawesome blog post

Are you looking at getting a Pet? You could be looking at getting your first pet or looking to purchase a sibling for your existing fur-baby.

If you are, have you considered Adopting a pet?

Whilst bigger named businesses such as Petstock and RSPCA have provided communities with much needed education to help change their perceptions of pet adoption, I have written this article with the hope of educating my followers on the benefits of pet adoption.


What are 3 benefits to adopting a pet?

Here are just some of the many benefits that comes with adopting, rather than shopping, for a pet.


You can help end pet homelessness.

There are hundreds of pets waiting for their forever homes in shelters and by considering adopting a pet, you may find your perfect match and end the homelessness cycle for a pet.


Foster Dog Vader Shenton Park Dog Charity Styled Up Pup Blog Post Dog Adoption and how you can help

 (Photo: Vader was recently adopted by Sophie from Delicately Delightful)


Find the perfect match for your family.

Shelters and pet adoption agencies take the time to get to know the pet’s personality and traits. By them doing this, you can determine whether this pet is a perfect fit and match for your situation. You will find; this makes for a much smoother adoption process.


Teaches responsibility.

When adopting a pet with young children involved, you are not just gaining a pet but teaching your child a valuable lesson in the responsibility of caring for a pet.


What to consider before adopting a pet

Before you consider getting any type of pet, even if you are adopting a pet, you need to fully understand what you are taking on, that you are fully prepared and know your responsibilities as a dog owner.

After reviewing the RSPCA knowledge base, here is five (5) questions I found you should consider:

  1. Can I afford everything what my pet needs? (ie. Food, Vet expenses and supplies)
  2. What time do I have available to spend with my pet?
  3. Will a pet fit into my lifestyle or situation?
  4. Is your home suitable for a pet?
  5. How active is your lifestyle?


Why adopt a pet or foster an animal.

By adopting a pet from a shelter, you are increasing their capacity to care for another animal in need, meaning another animal can be saved.


If you’re not completely ready for a forever pet, fostering an animal until they find their forever home is a great way to give back to your community. With being a foster carer, you can really transform a rescue animal’s life.


When caring for an adopted pet in your home, you are reducing their stress by giving them love, companionship and the training they need to transform their life while they enrich your life.


How you can support Dog Shelters & Not-For-Profit Organisations

If you’re not in the situation to adopt a pet, have you ever thought about donating to the shelters or charities that take care of the pets before they find their forever homes?


I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie this weekend from Sophie’s Delicately Delightful ( who opened my eyes to Shenton Park Dog Refuge, a not-for-profit organisation in Perth re-homing dogs.


Sophies Delicately Delightful Shenton Park Charity Styled Up Pup Pawesome dog blog about dog adoption


A lot of these organisations operate based on the donations of dog supplies and charitable donations they receive. It was so nice to find out that Sophie (a small business owner) was sending $2 of her profits to this charity. By buying a product from her business, you are giving back to the dogs that are yet to find their forever home. “Buddy” is one of her cute, themed dog candles. When buying Buddy, you will be donating to a dog in the Shenton Dog Shelter.


Buddy Dog Candle 10% off dog charity raise awareness Shenton Park Dog Refuge


Thank you for reading this article. Why not use this information as a topic for your next discussion with friends or colleagues about the benefits of fostering a dog or maybe considering donating to help those animals in need. For those who would like to donate, I will be donating $2 for every "Dog Mum" jumper sold from now until sold out.


Dog Mum Sweatshirt raising money for charity Shenton Park Dog Refuge


Let’s help us spread awareness and raise money for a good cause.



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