Snuffle Ball Guide - The Benefits & Things You Need To Know

Snuffle Ball Guide - The Benefits & Things You Need To Know

What are the benefits of snuffle balls?

Snuffle Balls are interactive feeder toys that are used to challenge your dog to sniff and forage and snuffle to find hidden treats. They are a great way to slow down a speedy eater, or add some challenging play at meal times.

Snuffle Balls have a range of benefits including:

  • Encourages dogs natural instinct for sniffing and foraging
  • Provides mental stimulation – problem solving requires lots of focus and energy
  • Slows down speedy eaters, preventing tummy upsets
  • You can use to add some playful chase and fetch games
  • Provides a calming activity for stressed or anxious dogs
  • Training and behavior modification – for example a handy tool for crate training or to get your dog more comfortable in the car or a new place
  • A useful as a distraction activity for dogs who suffer separation anxiety
  • Low impact activity for dogs with limited mobility or when recovering from an injury.

Dog Snuffle ball dog enrichment toys Styled Up Pup Snuffle ball

How does a snuffle ball work?

To use our Snuffle Balls, simply bury dry treats or biscuits throughout the ball. Initially, make it easier for your dog by placing them right on top. As your dog  develops their snuffle skills, you can bury treats further into the flaps of fabric for a more challenging activity.

How often should your dog use the snuffle ball?

Use the Snuffle Ball and repeat twice a day

When the dog has found all the treats put the Snuffle Ball away. Repeat this exercise twice a day for the first few days. This will associate the sniffing activity with the reward of finding the treats. Remember to supervise at all times and remove the ball after each use. You can use the snuffle ball as a treat or put your dogs biscuits in it to slow down a fast eater.

dried dog treats perfect for snuffle balls turkey jerky for dogs

Need some treat ideas for your snuffle ball?

Here is a list of some treat ideas that you can use in your snuffle balls. Really, any treats can be used as long as they are dry. Wet treats are not recommended.

- Dried Meat Jerkies (Kangaroo, Turkey or Whitebait)

- Dog Biscuits 

- Dried Banana Chips

- Dried Veggie Chips

Can you leave dog alone with snuffle ball?

You must always keep a close eye on your dog when they are interacting with their snuffle ball. This is because when left un-attended they may end up destroying the ball when they are done foraging. Each dog is different and some dogs may leave the ball once it stops providing them with treats. If this is the case, you might be able to leave your dog unattended however, always be safe.

Multi-colour snuffle ball dog enrichment toy treats toy

Why we use fleece for our snuffle balls.

Fleece is a great fabric for snuffle balls because it curls and keeps it shape. Thus, providing a bigger surface area and providing more areas to hide the food. This also means your dog has to snuffle down even further to find his or her treats. More snuffle time will keep your dog busy for longer durations – no flat balls here! Plus fleece is machine washable.

How do you clean a snuffle ball?

Machine wash cold ( place in laundry bag for best results). Make sure your ball is washed in a Pet Safe Detergent!

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