Why Subscription Boxes are Great for your dog - Subscription Boxes - The benefits and things you need to know!

Why Subscription Boxes are Great for your dog - Subscription Boxes - The benefits and things you need to know!

You may have already heard of a monthly subscription box and there are lots of different types of boxes out there but did you know you can also get a subscription box for your dog?

That’s right, and your dog could also benefit from getting a monthly box of new toys and treats to keep their tail wagging.

Let's go over the basics of a subscription box.

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What is a Dog Subscription Box?

So what is a dog subscription box you might ask. Well, here at Styled Up Pup we have recently dropped some monthly subscription boxes that your dog will go nuts over.

A subscription box is a recurring monthly delivery of niche products. The boxes come at the start of every single month as long as you are still enrolled in your subscription. We have a couple of different options of boxes to pick from as every dog is different. Currently we offer a monthly treats box, monthly dog bandana subscription and monthly dog bow tie subscription.

For an example, in our monthly treat box, you will receive a large bag of treats, 2 x medium bag of treats and Chicken Feet or Pigs Ears. Not only will you get a new round of treats per month but you can choose the treats your dog loves. These boxes are customizable based off your dogs favourite treats. Our selection of dog treats are all natural. 

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Is a Dog Subscription Box right for you?

Ultimately, the decision regarding whether to pursue a pet box subscription must be made on an individual basis by each dog owner. However, here are some pros and cons associated with pet boxes to assist your decision-making process:

Pros of a dog subscription box

  • Healthy way to provide monthly excitement for both you and your pet
  • Promote pet health, fun, and well-being
  • Great way to expose a puppy to a variety of new flavours 
  • Offer flexible membership plans

Cons of Pet Boxes

  • Necessitate a considerable cost investment
  • Often require upfront payment
  • Your dog might not consume all the products within the month
  • Can be out of your price range

It depends on your dog and situation. If your dog loves variety and you use treats on a regular basis for reward then a subscription box is a nice way to take the ease off your shopping. Also, you usually get the products at a discounted rate. But be aware, if all the products aren't used within the month then the amount of dog products in your home will accumulate fast!

Overall, dog subscription boxes can be an excellent investment for your pet as long as you choose the right one. From the convenience and surprise of a monthly delivery to the high-quality items inside, many benefits to these boxes make them well worth considering.



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